Project Description

Gemma Sheehan // Girls Who Fight

Gemma Sheehan is an ex-MMA fighter from Toronto, Canada. She was the top ranked female fighter in Ontario, a Pan Am Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and nominated for best up and coming MMA fighter in the world. In 2017, she learned that she had visible brain damage and decided to end her MMA career. She then started Girls Who Fight Inc, and now teaches girls and women self defense and MMA. She has travelled abroad to volunteer teaching self-defense to high risk communities, and has worked with over 3000 women in the last two years.

Gemma will ignite self-confidence in girls who attend BRAVE by sharing some tips on how to walk confidently, how to use your voice assertively and how to be aware in all situations. This will be followed up with some self-defense demonstrations by Gemma and her students. Plus at break time there will even be an opportunity for you to try your hand at some self-defense techniques! Don’t miss Gemma and Girls Who Fight!


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